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  1. Heist

    ABPN Pilot Child Psych Articles

    Does anyone have the child psych articles for the ABPN Pilot part 3? I am solo pp so it is very hard to get articles without association with any medical journals. Please let me know.
  2. G

    Research at Another Uni

    Rather new to this forum so I apologize if I mess this whole thread deal up. My question is pretty much as the title explains. The current uni I study and do research at is located in my hometown so I’ve never had a chance to venture out far. After a recent vacation I realize this was a mistake...
  3. R

    Abdominal CT

    Hey everyone your friendly veterinary diagnostic imaging resident here again. I am working on compiling a list of ideas for my research thesis paper and one of the ideas I have is looking at the normal small intestinal diameter size in dogs without evidence of obstruction. As we always do we...
  4. MedMal Brain

    Educational Websites on Medical Malpractice and Brain & Spine Injuries

    Hi everyone:=|:-): I work on a couple websites that students can cite for schoolwork. Find articles, definitions, infographics, legal help and more. I'm in these sites every day working on improvements and ways to get more info out there. Have a look and add ideas you might like to see on...
  5. Ad2b

    A CARS Passage Pick-Me-Up :)

    I work for a very large group of lawyers (commercial, civil and one lonely EEOC) along with all the paralegals, contract specialists, contract admins, and my boss, who is the chief legal beagle. For kicks and giggles, I wanted to get their thoughts on a CARS passage from Kaplan. Bar none...