research technician

  1. S

    Gap Year Options

    Hi All, I graduated college in May and am currently finalizing my choice for my gap year. My stats: 3.95 GPA from a top 10 school 4 years of research with multiple awards and one publication 506 MCAT My MCAT ended up 10 points lower than my test averages that I decided on taking two gap years...
  2. lovistic23

    Two Lab Tech offers - help me choose

    Hey people! I'm graduating this May from an Ivy league school with a major in chemistry, hoping to take 2 years before going into MD/PhD. I have two offers for lab tech and I'm struggling to decide. Can someone help me choose which one would be the best choice? I don't know what I should be...
  3. Garurumon

    Full-time research assistant/technician

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping to get some lab experience this summer after I graduate in May. I don't qualify for a lot of the undergraduate summer research programs anynore. Because they're so selective, in past years I've tried without success to apply and get in. I'll be attending a formal...