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  1. InsiderMedical

    Medical Insider Medical Admissions Services for Residency Applicants

    Dr. Finkel, the founder of Insider Medical Admissions, has incomparable experience. She is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Medical School. On completing her residency at Harvard, she was asked to stay on as faculty at Harvard Medical School and spent five years teaching at the...
  2. msw1992

    Moving for in-state residency?

    I have tried to find this on existing forums with no luck. If I were to move to another state right now, >12 months before matriculation, could I use that new state as residency for AMCAS/TMDSAS? Specifically Texas or Florida. Does anyone have experience with this? I would want to stay in that...
  3. H

    Hair Drug Testing

    Hello all, MS4 here who wants to ask about drug testing during the start of residency. I've scoured SDN and other threads, but they're either inconclusive or turn into a debate about why marijuana is good/bad. I wanted to start this thread so that other future students and I will have this as a...
  4. S

    Caribbean student hoping for a Plastic residency on USF. Any advice?

    Hi! I am a dominican medical student on my 4th year of a 6 year program without american citizenship or residency. What do I need to obtain a spot on the Plastic Surgery program at the University of South Florida? And if is not possible, which Plastic Surgery program specializing in...
  5. WhiteHatDoc

    For Pre-Meds: Choose Your Medical Specialty ASAP.

    I thought I'd share this Medium Article titled "For Pre-Meds: Choose Your Medical Specialty ASAP" with you guys. Hope you find it helpful as well! https://medium.com/@sampark/for-pre-meds-choose-your-medical-specialty-asap-2d12ad6d881e
  6. LindaAccepted

    Medical How To Successfully Couples Match

    The author and his fiancée on match day after matching to their first choice after applying to 72 programs and interviewing at over 20-27 programs each. Matching into residency can be extremely stressful, regardless of your scores or specialty. Finding programs to apply to, scheduling away...
  7. Q

    What is my residency for application purposes?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for information on whether various medical schools will view me as in-state or OOS. I went to high school in Missouri. My parents are divorced and my mom lives and works in California. My dad lives and works in Missouri. I'm now a third year undergrad in California...