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  1. Kevin.Mero

    Attn: California Pharmacists and Technicians working in Independent and Chain Pharmacy

    We've been asked to help distribute the following survey, hope you find it of interest! There is no restriction on distributing this survey and of course the more participants the survey receives the better the survey. Please forward on if you wish. Thanks much!! Attn: California Pharmacists...
  2. Kevin.Mero

    New mobile health program offers pharmacy access through a kiosk

    A mobile health program developed by MedAvail and being tested in Arizona will use kiosks to connect consumers to pharmacy services, including video access to a pharmacist. Six kiosks called MedCenters have been deployed in such public locations as pharmacies and clinics in Phoenix and Tucson...
  3. Stevenn

    San Diego area pay

    Hey fellow pharmacists! I’m a pharmacist who currently work in retail (chain) in Metro Atlanta area. I’m planning to move to San Diego area within the next year and was wondering about the pay. My current salary is $60.5/hour for staff position and I know the pay would be different based on the...
  4. R

    Retail pharmacist trying to do fellowship

    I been a retail pharmacist for 5 year now and thinking about fellowship. How do I prepare or compete with new students ?
  5. PharmRX0308

    Kroger Pharmacy Tips and Advices

    Hello everyone, I am a P3 student starting my job as an intern at Kroger pharmacy (King Soopers) very soon. The chain is completely new to me, so I would truly appreciate any tips or advices from everyone on how to efficiently use the pharmacy computer system, to maintain a smooth workflow, or...
  6. P

    New Walgreens Floater Tips

    I recently graduated pharmacy school and accepted a floating position with Walgreens. The job market is really bad where I live (and I assume everywhere else) which made me feel I had no choice but to accept the job. I only had 3 days of training after getting licensed and tomorrow is my first...
  7. WestTXisGr8

    Retail Pharmacist Needed in Williston, ND

    No longer have openings