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    How to List In-Progress Review Articles?

    I am looking for input on if/how I should be listing an in-progress review article in AMCAS Work and Activities section, writing about it in secondaries, etc. Some info: I am 4th author of 8 I created all the figures, did some editing, and filled in holes wherever more information or further...
  2. B

    Legitimacy of review articles?

    I just graduated and am currently applying to medical school. In the last year I published two review articles together with a surgeon on surgical techniques. He just asked me to write another review article which just was approved through presubmission at a major surgical journal (impact factor...
  3. Ad2b

    A CARS Passage Pick-Me-Up :)

    I work for a very large group of lawyers (commercial, civil and one lonely EEOC) along with all the paralegals, contract specialists, contract admins, and my boss, who is the chief legal beagle. For kicks and giggles, I wanted to get their thoughts on a CARS passage from Kaplan. Bar none...