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  1. S

    House Share in Vineland, New Jersey

    Room for Rent in Vineland, New Jersey: Looking for a ROOMMATE to SHARE a Nice, Big, Clean, Fully Furnished, owner-occupied, Modern House in a Great Neighborhood with plenty of on-street parking! YOU have a PRIVATE BEDROOM with Cable TV on a 50" screen. YOU have a SHARED: Full Bathroom, Half a...
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  3. alphinerpoke

    University of Illinois-Chicago: Class of 2024

    Hey all! I wanted to get to know all the people that are going to be in my cohort! I also am looking for a roommate to live in Chicago! Hope to get to know you all :)!
  4. G

    Private Room and bathroom for rent in Miami Florida (Aventura area)

    Looking to rent one private room and bathroom in the Aventura area. The room is fully equipped with a queen size bed, 50 inch tv, Netflix and private bathroom. All utilities included.
  5. M

    Looking for roommates, Los Angeles, CA area

    Hi! I'm a psychology female graduate looking to return to the West Coast for internship, research assistance, and eventually more schooling starting March or August /September. I have also studied public health at the University of Missouri and in the PNW. Looking for those who want to share...
  6. N

    BU MAMS 2019: Housing

    This thread is for all those who were accepted into the BU MAMS or one of the Dual-Degree programs including MAMS. I started this thread mainly for those who are who are a bit nervous about finding housing in the Boston area... Finding affordable housing in the South End, South Boston...
  7. D

    Renting Roommate wanted, Portland OR, available now

    Seeking roommate for 3 bedroom 2 bath home in hip and trendy SE Portland Oregon between Hawthorne and Division Ave. Available now, any gender. No animals as there are already two adorable pups. The room is big and has it's own sink. One roommate is a 4th year medical student and the other is a...
  8. GoRamsGo

    Roommate Looking for Barry U BMS Master Roommate

    I will be attending Barry Univ. Biomedical Science Masters Program starting in January for the dental track. I'm currently looking to share a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment/condo in the hollywood/aventura/davie area. Prefer male roommate. Looking to sign a one-year lease. Have done my research on...
  9. T

    Looking for roommates in Sydney Redfern

    Has anyone already applied to live in Iglu Redfern for 2018? We're looking for two more people entering their first year of either Sydney's MD or DMD program to be roommates in a four-bedroom apartment. We're very clean and quiet people and I thought it would be cool to live with classmates who...
  10. K

    Housing in NY (MPH student)

    Hi everyone, I was recently accepted to the MPH program at Icahn and was wondering if there was anyone else seeking a roommate in the city. My budget is 400 ( which I'm aware is low) and have been desperately looking for rental apartments in NY...and that's impossible. If anyone is familiar...
  11. L

    Looking for a roommate in Philadelphia

    Moving to Philly to start residency end of June/beg of July, and I'm looking for a roommate in center city. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to the exact location/price (figured I'd much rather live in a nice apt with a roommate than have to live in a studio). I have already done a lot of...
  12. B

    UAB- roommate wanted

    Hi all! I am a female doctoral resident and was looking to see if any other females are interested in splitting a 2 bed 2 bath at the Grand Highlands. Please let me know!
  13. L

    Roommate Looking for roommates for NIH irta housing

    My friend and I will be working in Bethesda, MD, at the NIH IRTA postbac at the beginning of this summer. We are considering renting a house, and we are looking for roommates if anyone is interested. We have found some 4-bedroom offers in the 3k-4k rent range. Send a private message if interested
  14. L

    Looking for NIH IRTA roommate

    My friend and I will be working in Bethesda, MD, at the NIH IRTA postbac at the beginning of this summer. We are considering renting a house, and we are looking for roommates if anyone is interested. We have found some 4-bedroom offers in the 3k-4k rent range. Send a private message if interested
  15. ddalkisand

    Chicago Feinberg/Northwestern School of Medicine Housing

    Hi, I am Peter Kim, 2017 master program student at Feinberg/Northwestern School of Medicine. I am looking for roommate. I am male, 29 and clean. I don't smoke or have a pet. I am trying to move in around May/June since my program starts in Summer quarter. Let me know if you are interested...
  16. epsoftball9

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Allen College MOT Fall 2017 Class

    Hey guys! I have accepted a spot at Allen College and I wanted to see who else has! I'm really excited and also looking for a possible roomie. It's me and my puppy (lab collie mix, hes perfect). Renting a house is dirt cheap ($500/mo) for two bedrooms.
  17. K

    Renting Roommate Wanted for Las Vegas Away in September

    I'm doing an away rotation in Las Vegas from 8/28 - 9/24 and housing seems to be cheaper if shared. I'm looking for other female roommates and am looking at these 2 places on Airbnb (both are a 10-15 min drive from the University Medical Center) --...
  18. B

    Roommate Looking for a Roommate!

    RENT: $1900 flat rate (includes all amenities & utilities) The apartment is fully furnished, including the room I'm renting. You only have to bring your clothes! There is cable, internet, AC, 24 doorman and maintenance, elevator, and laundry in the basement. The apartment has a full...
  19. dreee

    Roommate Looking for roommate in ATL, GA.

    I'm a female starting med school soon and needed a female roommate in Atlanta. I have been looking through a few apartments. I am hoping to stay within the $500-600 range per bedroom. Please msg me if you're interested in staying together :)
  20. N

    Roommate Looking for OHSU Student to room with in Portland, Oregon

    Hey there, I'll be attending OHSU dental school this August and I'm looking for another OHSU student to room with. Portland seems to be affordable enough for students who share a two bedroom apartment. While it would be great to find someone who's also in the dental school, I think it would be...