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Feb 6, 2019
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This thread is for all those who were accepted into the BU MAMS or one of the Dual-Degree programs including MAMS. I started this thread mainly for those who are who are a bit nervous about finding housing in the Boston area...

Finding affordable housing in the South End, South Boston, Allstin/Brighton, Cambridge, Brookline, or Kenmore/Fenway area can be quite tricky on one's own. Ideally, as I've already discovered when talking to realtors, you should already have a roommate lined up before you start viewing apartments if you intend to share a multi-bedroom unit... (which is really the only affordable option for most student budgets within reasonable distance of Boston Medical Center, unless you want to live in true slum-housing...)

So, this is a place for incoming BU MAMS students to discuss, right now, primarily housing- also to try and find roommates. There also doesn't seem to be a BU MAMS 2019 Facebook group set up yet, so if one other person (FB now requires at least 2 starting members to found a group) wants to help set that up with me to help people find housing, maybe even study-groups for once the program starts, I'd be more than happy to go in with you on that.


BU MAMS/MSCR 2019-2021
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