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    Rutgers Gateway to dentistry summer 2022

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has heard back from Rutgers Gateway program? Decisions were suppose to be sent out March 1st but I still have not heard anything yet!
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    Rutgers dental from NYC

    Hello! I was just wondering if there were any students who attend the Rutgers dental school and commute from NYC, I’ve always wanted to live in Manhattan so I was wondering if that would be a possibility if Rutgers was an option for me to travel to Newark! Thanks!
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    Telling waitlisted schools about other acceptances

    Hi! So I just recently got an offer from Stony Brook Dental and NYU dental, and I am currently on the Rutgers waitlist and they are probably my top school. I wanted to know if it would be a good idea to add in the letter of interest that I’m planning on writing to them that I got offers from...
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    Rutgers MBS Dental Scholars Track