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  1. A

    Brand New - 2019 RxPREP NAPLEX Review **Still in Plastic Wrapping**

    I am selling a brand new 2019 RxPrep NAPLEX review book. Asking $120 or obo. A link to the book can be seen here
  2. Leandispenser

    For Sale RxPrep 2018 book + RxPrep MPJE book $155

    The rxprep course book is brand new still in wrapping and MPJE book is lightly used /highlighted in...Selling both for $155 total.
  3. R

    LOOKING FOR Current RxPrep 2018 Online Course Access!!

    Hello! Wanting to buy the RxPrep Online Course videos and test bank. TIA!
  4. P

    For Sale Selling RXPrep 2017 review book & RxPrep Online test bank

    RxPrep 2017 like-new review book & RxPrep 3500+ test bank subscription (exp. 1/6/18) available for purchase!! You could always re-sell the test bank as soon as you pass your NAPLEX
  5. A

    RxPrep - LIVE course in NJ???

    Hi everyone, So I might be a sucker, but I'm attending this live 3 day crash course thing rxprep is having in NJ. Does anyone know anything about this? Is it worth it? Waste of money? Thanks
  6. jamesdt

    Advertisement Free beta access to new pharmacy calculations study tool

    TL;DR Sign up for free beta access at practicepharmacycalculations.com Hey I'm a new user here (first post ever), but this seemed like a good place to share what I've been working on lately, and I'd love some help from the sdn community. I've been developing a service for practicing...
  7. R

    Do I need the 2017 RxPrep Book?

    I am trying to decide if I need to buy the new RxPrep 2017 book. Here is my situation. I have the 2016 book and took the exam October 22 (didn't pass). NC has a mandatory 90 waiting period, so I am in the process of registering and plan to re-test in 60 days. I have so many notes in my 2016...
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    I am selling used RxPrep 2016 book if anyone is interested. There are highlights and writing on some chapters.
  9. RxPrepTeam

    DISCOUNTED Group RxPrep Book

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    RxPrep Course Book for the NAPLEX and CPJE (2016 Edition)

    Brand New. Never Used. $165 + shipping cost.
  11. doe_eyed

    RxPrep 2016's TOPSELLER List - why are #s missing?

    Hello, So if anyone has the latest RxPrep book for 2016, have you noticed that the Topseller List located at the back of the book has numbers missing and/or duplicated? For example, there are two #40s and two #70s. #40(1) Ciprofloxacin, oral #40(2) Levothyroxine #70(1) Advair Diskus #70(2)...
  12. doe_eyed

    What is current 180 question 2016 NAPLEX like?

    Hi, So I'm very confused over the current state of the NAPLEX. I think it's great news that the exam won't officially be changing to the longer 240 question version until later this year. However, that still leaves me wondering what exactly the test is like now? I will be taking the NAPLEX...
  13. doe_eyed

    NAPLEX studying - love slides? Try this combo that isn't titled "RxPrep is awesome"

    DISCLAIMER: I have not retaken NAPLEX yet, so this is just how I feel thus far. I will obviously comment at a later date with a score update. I believe my problem stems from applying information and connecting the dots. Classes at my college were taught higgledy-piggledy. Monday- PMS...
  14. P

    Thanks, RxPrep!

    I just recently passed on NAPLEX. I write this because I think I owed many thanks to RxPrep with my definition of good passing score and I am sharing my studying experience here to help students who may just worrying about it without giving an effort to get you board passing pleasure. I got...