1. B

    MD / DO / International not sure what to do?

    Hi, I am a pre med major studying in a top 50 US School. Im in my senior year have taken my MCAT's and have already applied to around 20 MD US Schools. I scored a 510 on my MCAT Chem125 CARS130 Bio127 and Psych128. I have a 3.8 GPA overall (psych major) and a 3.7 BCPM GPA. I am graduating a...
  2. G

    2016-2017 Sackler School of Medicine New York State Program

    Starting this thread to help any Sackler applicants with questions regarding the application process/interview or anything else.
  3. KonsieRav

    Why Do Israeli Schools Match Better than DO?

    I was browsing the ECFMG charting outcomes (page 28) for the 2014 match and noticed that Israel matches highest among all foreign schools (by a long shot) and better than the aggregate osteopathic match via the NRMP (~83%). I also looked at some of the residency placements for these schools...