1. CrossCassowary

    Pathologist salary

    How much do pathologists actually make without a PhD? I went into vet school wanting to be an anatomic pathologist, but now that it's time to apply, I'm having cold feet because I'm worried about finances. I have ~250k debt. I want to be able to pay back my student loans and start living life...
  2. L

    Clinical Reaearch Associate CRA salary for Pharm.D?

    I don’t have residency, just pharm.d and B.S plus couple years of clinical experience. I’m really interested in applying for CRA position at a pretty well known CRO, but of course you gotta answer the “desired salary” question on your application. What’s the typical starting range for pharm.d?
  3. Therapy_Rhapsody

    How to get paid as a postdoc in private practice?

    Hello, I'm planning to move to Oregon and join a group private practice. I will still need about 4 months of postdoc hours before getting licensed once I move to Oregon. Can I get on insurance panels as a postdoc resident? I'm willing to work with kids and I primarily want to work with adults. I...
  4. TheOnlinePharmacist

    Pharmacy tech in pharmacy school!

    Hey guys, so I worked as a pharmacy technician for 8 months with a Salary of $10.50 per hour, and I remember at the time, the store manager (Walgreens) mentioned that upon ententering pharmacy school the salary will increase to around $15-20 an hour, and then upon completing my p2 (or p3? I...
  5. P

    Starting Salary for DPTs in MA?

    Hey, if anyone is a new DPT in mass and could give me an idea of the starting salary that would be great, or if anyone knows what the ball park is, and how much does it go up per year? Outpatient clinic? Thanks!
  6. B

    Radiology Market Consolidation

    Can you guys address the move toward consolidation of radiologists becoming employees of major health systems? Can this lead to centralized reading centers, where fewer radiologists cover multiple outpatient imaging sites and maybe even low volume community hospitals owned by the health system...
  7. S

    Starting FM pay for female.

    Hey all. I have been browsing the forum for my wife since shes so busy in residency and thought I would pick your brains. We will soon be on the journey of interviewing for family medicine positions in the southeast and I was wondering what is acceptable starting salary for her? I have heard of...