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    Help me choose! U of Utah vs. Regis University

    Hi! I am weighing out the pros and cons between these two schools. I am a California resident so I would apply for residency in Utah. Regis is private so it doesn't matter. I am into rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, really anything outdoors so I know both of these schools have plenty of that...
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    EM Utah Job Market

    I am a medical student strongly considering EM and am REALLY hoping to eventually practice in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm worried about the job market, however. It seems that many other states have numerous job listings, but Utah has very few. I realize that most jobs are likely not found via...
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    Pharmacy Intern Position at St. Mark's Hospital (Salt Lake City, UT)

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience as a pharmacy technician or intern for this location. What was your experience? Did they provide flexible hours? Would you recommend it to a friend?