san diego

  1. L

    NYU Langone Pediatric Dentistry- insights?

    Any current or past residents at any NYU Langone sites (especially CA or MA sites) can chime in on their program? I feel like there is generally little information about these programs on here leaving many of us wondering about them! Some questions I have but feel free to add more: 1. How...
  2. E

    Jobs in San Diego area

    Hey, everyone, Looking for EM doc full time jobs in San Diego area. Spoke with Team Health who are saying the market is very tight here and they aren't currently looking to hire, not surprisingly. Just curious, does anyone know what the salaries are like here? I don't have any connections I...
  3. R

    UCSD vs Emory

    Waitlisted at Emory, and I know that basically means rejected, but I want to make this decision in the lightning strike chance it happens. A bit about me and my aims professionally: I enjoy research (my main strength of my apps) but I am open to the idea of closing that chapter of my life...
  4. F

    PhD/PsyD Alliant San Diego PhD

    An advisor mentioned a student who was initially very skeptical but was pleasantly surprised by the school, ended up on multiple publications, etc. Any students from the Alliant's California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego campus?
  5. Stevenn

    San Diego area pay

    Hey fellow pharmacists! I’m a pharmacist who currently work in retail (chain) in Metro Atlanta area. I’m planning to move to San Diego area within the next year and was wondering about the pay. My current salary is $60.5/hour for staff position and I know the pay would be different based on the...
  6. Q

    USMLE USMLE STEP 1- Serious study partner needed in San Diego.

    I am staying in Rancho Bernardo area in San Diego. I just finished my kaplan videos once. I want a serious study partner to meet once/week face to face in library and discuss the important concepts for the USMLE step 1 and also motivate each other. Let me know.
  7. C

    MCAT prep books for sale

    Selling my MCAT prep books! Lightly used, good condition. I’m located in San Diego. Willing to negotiate a great price -All subjects in Princeton Review (the most recent edition) + in class compendium & workbooks (10 books total) -All subjects in Kaplan (2015) + 2 lesson books, an extra...
  8. pinkfreud1394

    UCSD extension premed post bac 2017-18

    Anyone on here applying to this? Looks like applications are due towards the end of January. I couldn't find a thread for program, if there's already one floating around somewhere I apologize. I still haven't learned how to efficiently navigate SDN.
  9. W

    Rotation Sites in San Diego for Creighton University Distance Pathway

    I am interested in applying for the distance pathway with Creighton University, but wondering if getting a rotation site is difficult in San Diego. Has anyone gone through this program in San Diego?
  10. CardsDMDOMS

    Practicing on the West Coast

    Any help is appreciated. I am graduating dental school soon and will be doing a 1 year GPR which gives IV sedation competency. My significant other and I will be looking for places to settle down, and SoCal is desirable. - Is Southern California actually as hard of a place to practice as...
  11. D

    San Diego MCAT Study Buddy for May, June, July, August

    Hi All, I will be studying this summer non-stop for the MCAT and taking it in August. I do well with study partners, groups, etc. so if anyone wants to meet up and study let me know. I also will be meeting with a tutor a few times a week. Thanks, Michael