1. A

    DPT/MBA Dual Degree

    Southwest Baptist University DPT program has a DPT/MBA dual degree. The MBA degree plan is specific for DPT students. I was wondering if any other PT schools had this program and if anyone knows if it's worth it. It will cost more money, and I can't imagine focusing on another degree while in PT...
  2. W

    Southwest Baptist DPT (SBU)

    Has anyone heard back from Southwest Baptist University's DPT yet??
  3. N

    Stony Brook vs. Downstate

    I've been fortunate enough to be accepted at both Stony Brook and Downstate. I've checked out previous threads, but a lot of them seem outdated, especially given the recent curriculum changes at each of these schools. I was wondering if anybody could help me make a decision. Stony Brook Pros...
  4. P

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Stony Brook University OT interview

    Hey guys! I have a Skype interview coming up with Stony Brook University for their OT program. I was wondering if anyone had any pointers or tips? I'm very nervous, so any advice would be helpful! Thanks!!
  5. FreeRadicals

    Hofstra University vs Stony Brook University

    Hey guys, Just need some advise. Do you guys recommend forming at Stony Brook (about 40min away by car) or commuting to Hofstra (25min away by car) - I have applied Bio major for both and with scholarships included both come to the same price (stony brook + dorming = Hofstra commuting). All...