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    SCCO vs. UC Berkeley

    Hi everyone, I just got into both SCCO and UC Berkeley for the class of 2024 :) But I am very torn between the two so any insight would be extremely helpful! SCCO Pros: - can save money on commuting; college is only 15 min away and clinic is even closer at 8 min away - great city/feel...
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    Nervous about the possibility of acceptance to California Schools..

    Hello, after studying for the OAT this summer and taking it, I plan on applying to SCCO, Western, and SUNY in September. I'm studying with the Kaplan OAT book and Chad's videos so I hope to do well/ above a 300. However, I have a UC (University of California) gpa of 3.1 and I believe my...
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    SCCO vs Western U

    Hello! I am currently deciding between SCCO and Western! This is a huge I am hoping for some feedback on both schools, from current students or future students! I'm so happy to be dealing with the stress of this decision haha I love both schools so this is extremely hard...
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    Western U optometry interview!!

    Hi everyone, I have an interview with Western U this Friday and was wondering if anyone has any advice for me? If you interviewed here do you remember any questions that were asked and tips on how I could prepare? What was the day like? I would really appreciate your feedback! Thanks :)
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    Hi guys, I recently took my OAT and needed some advice on what I should do to boost my application because I REALLY REALLY want to go to SCCO (Ketchum). I'm currently a 4th year at uni and do plan on taking one gap year after I graduate to finish up my pre-reqs at a community college. My OAT...
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    SCCO Class of 2022

    I was just accepted into SCCO class of 2022! I'm currently waiting on my background check. How long did it take for everyone to get from the accepted to enrolled stage. Also, is there anything you guys are doing to prepare for the school year to meet other people in the class or get financial aid?
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    Getting into optometry school with average grades

    Hi there! I’m a current third-year at UCLA and will be taking a gap year after graduation. My goal school is SCCO, but my science/major (psychobiology) GPA isn’t very strong - we’re talking right underneath 3.0. Basically, I’ve gotten Bs and B-s for most of my science courses. My overall GPA is...
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    Optometry School Worries

    I just graduated from UCSD and have a 3.34 GPA and plan on taking the OAT sometime in August. I know this GPA is on the lower side but I'm hoping that my extracurriculars help ease the burden. I've had the same job on campus (not related to optometry) since I was a freshman and worked on average...
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    SCCO Interview

    I can't seem to find any current threads about SCCO interviews that aren't from 2006. Can anyone give me more information about SCCO's interview day? How many people interview you? I know that the first qualifying round is academic and the second qualifying round is more personal, so will...
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    NECO vs SCCO

    Hi everyone, I was recently accepted to SCCO and have been holding a seat at NECO since November. I wanted to see if anyone had any advice or insight into each of these schools. I'm originally from the East Coast so NECO is closer to home, but that isn't a huge factor for me. The tuition is...
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    Pros and Cons on Schools

    I am currently applying to four optometry schools (ICO, PCO, SCO, and SCCO) and wanted to start thinking of where I would personally rank them so that I can make a decision if accepted to more than one school. I understand that the best way is to visit these schools and learn but it never hurts...