school change

  1. K

    Should I try to transfer

    I was accepted into Concordia's pre pharm to pharm program, but decided to go to Madison instead for undergrad. Is it a good idea to try and transfer back and avoid taking the PCAT or try Madison or MCW. Another factor in my decision is what each school prepares one for, I would like to be...
  2. Foxxy

    Finding my way back to school

    Hi there! So I am a retired art student haha at 23. So quick story, I did not want to go to college right after HS because I had no clue what I wanted to do. My parents forced me so I decided to major in Fine arts at the local community college. I did all right, had an internship in Disney...
  3. A

    How do medical schools view transfers?

    I'm currently an Engineering/Pre-Med student at a small state university in my hometown. Part of the reason I choose this school was because of finances (I was offered the most financial aid here) and the engineering program they offer is a pathway, of sorts, to an highly ranked engineering...
  4. P

    Financial aid- Loans when changing schools?

    Hi everyone. I had a question about loans. I do not know much of how they work but have been reading online. I have been accepted to a dental school and have been awarded two loans but have not accepted either yet. My questions is, if I accept the loans and say in a month my first choice school...