1. YA1818

    Is it possible to combine specialty training with PhD in the UK?

    Hi guys. I'm new here. I'm a medical doctor. Interested in pursing a PhD program. Meanwhile, I'm still very interested in continuing along my medical path. I'm yet to start a medical specialty training program and I wanted to know if its possible to combine this with a PhD program? Because I...
  2. O

    URGENT ADVICE!! Discouraged high school senior...help me please

    hi, i made a thread earlier i dont know what the heck happened to it lol. But im in dual enrollment and im trying to get my masticates and i have 5 classes left, which is alot. i have never taken that many before and i need advice on how to handle it being still a senior and balancing school and...
  3. CalendarJ

    Lifestyle and Sleep

    Hello! I'm hoping to get some more background on the lifestyle and workloads of physician scientists. Do you often have to work overnight? Is it socially acceptable to work <60-hour weeks? How do you see lifestyle vary between fields, specifically with physician scientists? Background: 3rd...
  4. M

    International Student Chances? (non Canadian studying in Canada)

    I've been reading around but most of the posts I'm finding are years old and don't seem accurate today. Also its pretty long but I REALLY need some input :arghh: I'm an international student [note: not Canadian nor US citizen/permanent resident] in my "third" year of my Bachelor's degree at a...
  5. C

    physician scientist track

    hey guys, I'm an MD/PhD trying to plan my next career move. My current dilemma is trying to have a firm understanding how viable a research career is going down a CP-only physician-scientist track. Note, I'm interested in feedback from people who are already there or are heading in that...
  6. F

    Why all the negative talk about pharmacy?

    I read many threads before posting this and i'm seeing all these people talking really badly and some disrespectfully about pharmacy, jobs etc. YES. I know that there are too many pharmacists in this world and that the job market is saturated but that's just like any other field. (at least in my...
  7. J

    MSTP acceptance chances

    Hey guys, I was hoping to get your opinion on my chances at being accepted into an MSTP program because I really want to be a physician scientist and spend my time mostly on research. I currently have all GPA of 3.7 with my science GPA being 3.6. I have spent roughly 2 years in research and am...