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  1. M

    Free MCAT guide from a 518 scorer

    Hi everyone! I used to be a student studying for MCAT just like you and I too often used these forums. I really struggled with MCAT as a whole but after 1000 hours of studying I was able to pull of a 518(129,129,132,128). Through all my time studying I found that that there was just so much...
  2. S

    How hard is it to increase your MCAT by at least 5 points on your retake?

    I have taken the MCAT already but I did not score very well as I got only a 503. During my studies I haven't been completely focused on it because of full time work but also procrastination and bad organization. The MCAT also gave me a lot of stress and some anxiety that led to a low score...
  3. M

    How to increase my score?

    So here is where I stand so far on my full lengths: 1/20/2017 Kaplan FL 1: CP 124 - CARS 121 - BB 124 -PS 123 - total 492 2/6/2017 Kaplan FL 2: CP 126 - CARS 121 - BB 126 - PS 124 - total 497 2/27/2017 EK FL 1: CP 52% - CARS 32% - BB 40% - PS 63% 3/21/2017 Kaplan FL 3: CP 125 - CARS 123 - BB...
  4. NaDaniel

    Preparing for the MCAT

    I'll be taking the MCAT June 16th. My target score is 518 and I've been scoring in the low 500s on Kaplan practice tests. I have heard that Kaplan often deflates their scores to encourage people to take their classes. Most of the questions that I miss involve subject matter that I haven't...
  5. Orlandoc

    Next Step FL 1-4 Scores / How to improve?