score conversion

  1. L

    Looking for that EK Score Conversion Sheet since r/mcat got shut down

    Every single link that I have found in regards to this score conversion sheet is related to r/mcat and I am very frustrated. I would really like to know what my score converts to since EK is considered harder than AAMC. Does anyone have a direct link that isn't reddit related? Thanks!
  2. student-of-life

    Had timing issues on May 18th test - should I do a quick turnaround repeat?

    Hi everyone. Reading the different discussions on SDN has been immensely helpful for me, so let me preface my post by thanking everybody in this community - there are some really special people on here, and seeing that has made me even more excited for med school. Okay, now for my question: On...
  3. A

    Berkeley Review Scores?

    How accurate are the berkeley review conversion scores provided in the books? I find TBR to be much harder than other resources.
  4. D

    Raw score to Actual Score

    Hi everyone, I just took the mcat. I can't find any charts or conversions to estimate my raw score~actual score. Hoping to get help figuring out a ball park of what I got. Every time I was unsure of a question I noted it. At the end of the test I went through and added up the ones I...
  5. B

    Relieve me of my MCAT jitters...

    Hi everyone! I am writing my MCAT in about two weeks, and am a bit concerned about my scores on the practice exams. One of my friends said I need to be scoring between 128 and 132 on the practice exams (EK, Princeton, etc) in order to do well. My scores are as follows: NS 1/2 length: 507 (2...