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  1. B

    USMLE Step 2 CS March 2019 Score Release thread

    I tested in Jan 2019 and the wait for the score report has been excruciating! I alternate between imagining best case and worst case scenarios and the most anxiety-inducing part of this whole experience is that no one knows EXACTLY how its graded- people claim to have done really well and fail...
  2. G

    Should I retake? Advice please!

    My scores were pretty meh. Bio 52 Chem: 82 Reading: 99 Quant: 51 Composite: 83 Some people have said since my composite is good that I shouldn't retake. I'm not sure what to do. Advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I

    Accuracy of Pearson PCAT Practice Tests?

    I bought and took all three of Pearson exams along with taking all 5 of the Kaplan practice exams in the course. On the Kaplan practice exams, on average I didn't do so hot. After reading a couple of threads, it seems like Kaplan's practice tests are harder than the actual. However, I did pretty...
  4. Nicole Kidd

    May 23rd 2017 Score Release Date

    Thoughts? Share some joy? Lessons learned? UPDATE: Scores are just posted 11:11 am ET. Best luck to all of you! Let's keep calm and carry on.
  5. M

    Does ADA report number of attempts you took NBDE regardless if it's Part I or II?

    Does ADA report number of attempts you took NBDE regardless if it's Part I or II when they send score reports to the school you want to apply to?
  6. B

    USMLE January Step 3 - score report delay

    Took my step 3 Jan 16+Jan 17. Just checked the USMLE Step 3 website, saw this joyous news: STEP 3 Score Delay: "The target date for reporting scores for examinees who test from January 16 through late April will be May 10, 2017." 4 week wait just became a 4 month wait? Ouch.
  7. EndTheState

    Average TS, Good/great everything else...

    Finished the DAT 1 week ago and keep going back and forth whether I did well enough. AA 20 / PAT 21 / TS 18 / Bio 18 / GC 19 / OC 19 / RC 25 / QR 19 Obviously killed RC, not sure how important that is. Did well on PAT, but again, I've read that isn't as important as it seems? Are my sciences...
  8. OnlyIfICouldTurnBackTime

    Do I notify schools of DAT score or wait?

    Most of the schools I applied to would like to see the official score posted via AADSAS. I took my DAT yesterday. I don't wanna bother each school just to say, "Since I took the DAT you should be receiving the official score in few weeks" or something along that line. Do schools check promptly...