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    Sending OAT Score reports/authorization

    I took the OAT in August, and I am slightly confused about sending my scores. When I signed up for the OAT, I selected to have my scores sent to all optometry schools in the United States. Now, I am working on the supplementary application for UAB and it is asking if I have "released my scores...
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    Competitiveness without Step 2 CS? Deadline?

    Hi everyone, I'm an international medical student graduating December this year. My plan is to ideally participate in the next match (opening this year). However, I see that interviews start generally from October through January. I have only passed Step 1 (with a competitive score, I think)...
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    GRE Score report technical question.

    Hello everyone. I apologize if this isn't the best place to be inquiring about my problem. I've searched threads that ask a similar question but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer thus far. I had to fill out the form that is provided when you can't find an institution's code. I was...