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    Let's Have Fun With This: Decompress Time

    Dental school is hard and will physically and mentally challenge every student. I am particularly curious on how your dental school helps students decompress from the grind of didactic and clinical courses. Please list your school and what fun things they host that helps you get by the stress...
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    Should I Retake the MCAT?

    Hi Everyone, I just recieved my MCAT scores. I got a 510. However, it's a bit unbalanced. My CARS section is a bit low. This is my score report: 127 for P/S 125 for CARS 129 for Bio 129 for psych Any thoughts? Should I retake the MCAT? To improve my CARS? Also, I have a 3.67 GPA. What are my...
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    For those that did well on the MCAT 2015?

    Hello, I recently got back my MCAT score and I've been really upset for the past few days. I plan to retake, as my score was incredibly low (499). For those of who you did well (508-509+) what resources did you use? More specifically, what books had the best practice questions? Thanks