1. B

    Scribe or PCT?

    Hi everyone! I am in between getting a clinical job, but I have heard mixed things. I know that as a scribe you really get to see the interactions between the doctor and patients. Some people mention how helpful it is because one is able to get familiar with the medicine and the terminology...
  2. A

    Scribe for 1 gap year or cancer research for 2 gap years?

    I am having difficulty choosing between a cancer research lab tech position at a top 30 med school in a big city for 2 years or just scribing for one year. I am ready to apply this June for 2019, I have a 3.7/516, great LRs and decent ECs. - Already have 400hrs of high quality patient contact...
  3. F

    Gap Year Uncertainty, please help !

    Hey Guys! Thanks in advance for your help Prior to applying to medical school, I plan on taking two gap years and applying the summer following that of my graduation. I would like to spend this year continuing work in my lab (productive, already have a first author pub) and working part time so...
  4. White Plains Hospital

    Pre-Med/Medical Students for Scribe Position

    Great opportunity to gain experience in a medical office/oncology setting at White Plains Hospital in White Plains, NY. This Medical Scribe position is based in a physician practice within our new 6 floor Center for Cancer Care. Cutting edge medical care is provided in a stunning new facility...
  5. B

    Can't find the scribe america introductory packet?

    Hello all, For those of you who work as a scribe through Scribeamerica - what exactly is this introductory training packet we are going to be tested on? All I received was a link to the quizlet flashcards for the packet.