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  1. A

    Scribe for 1 gap year or cancer research for 2 gap years?

    I am having difficulty choosing between a cancer research lab tech position at a top 30 med school in a big city for 2 years or just scribing for one year. I am ready to apply this June for 2019, I have a 3.7/516, great LRs and decent ECs. - Already have 400hrs of high quality patient contact...
  2. F

    Gap Year Uncertainty, please help !

    Hey Guys! Thanks in advance for your help Prior to applying to medical school, I plan on taking two gap years and applying the summer following that of my graduation. I would like to spend this year continuing work in my lab (productive, already have a first author pub) and working part time so...
  3. White Plains Hospital

    Pre-Med/Medical Students for Scribe Position

    Great opportunity to gain experience in a medical office/oncology setting at White Plains Hospital in White Plains, NY. This Medical Scribe position is based in a physician practice within our new 6 floor Center for Cancer Care. Cutting edge medical care is provided in a stunning new facility...
  4. B

    Can't find the scribe america introductory packet?

    Hello all, For those of you who work as a scribe through Scribeamerica - what exactly is this introductory training packet we are going to be tested on? All I received was a link to the quizlet flashcards for the packet.