1. G

    What to do during gap year?

    Greetings SDN Community, I am currently a senior at a public 4-year state school and have an anticipated graduation date of May 2019. I plan on taking the MCAT right upon graduation and would like to use my gap year to pay off student loans (private + fed) and gain more clinical/research...
  2. S

    Primary Care or Urgent Care Job Hunt - Is there a classifieds?

    I'm in search of a job in Primary Care or Urgent Care in Washington state. I was curious if anyone is aware of a commonly used and well-kept "classifieds" website that exists for these specialties. I'm finding that the big groups advertise on their websites, but I'd like to keep in mind any...
  3. twelvetigers

    How to search for topics BEFORE starting a new thread

    It can be hard to sift through so much information at once. I know it's easier to just ask whatever it is you want to ask about. But... when everyone starts a new thread any time they have a question, things get congested and even more confusing. Using the search function is easy. Here, let me...