second career

  1. M

    European Master of Engineering who wants to pursue dentistry as second career

    Hello! I have graduated from one of European Technical Universities with Masters degree in Engineering - Biotechnology. I am a green card holder and currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. I would love to pursue dentistry as my second career but I am having a hard time to find any data about...
  2. A

    2.3 gpa is there hope plz read my story

    I have waited to post for a long time, but I need advice more than ever. I started undeclared at community college for 2 years. After I transferred to a 4 year state school my dad passed away unexpectedly. I wasnt able to handle it, had a bad year and failed out. I got readmitted after a year...
  3. O

    DO and RD?

    First off, a little on my background. I graduated with my BS in Dietetics this past May and am currently in a combined Masters program and dietetic internship, so when I graduate I will have my MS in Human Nutrition and Registered Dietitian credential. I graduated undergrad with a 3.8 gpa...
  4. N

    MD Hopeful Based in MA Looking for Advice

    I'm a 29 year-old non-traditional student who resides in Boston, Massachusetts. I endeavor to earn an MD and am very flexible on the program/location as well as willing to put in more years of work to get a spot. My backup would be to become a PT, which I know is ambitious and difficult enough...
  5. Cheyenne2313

    Nontraditional with Bachelors and finishing Masters: Where do I go from here?

    Hello Student Doctors, I am currently a master's student in occupational therapy and I am beginning to have second thoughts about this as a career. I am quickly losing interest in the field (I understand everyone has some level of burnout, but I have felt this way for about a year or...