second degree

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    Postbac VS 2nd Degree

    Hello All. I'm theoretically starting Columbia's Premed Postbac this week but have been having huge reservations considering the financial burden (in the accelerated track, it'll cost me ~$80,000 and 18 months). I'm not necessarily concerned with the academics, but an additional $80,000 worth...
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    Advice from anyone who did a post-bac / gpa cut off

    So I recently graduated. Ended with a 3.74 GPA and a 3.89 science GPA but that doesn't really matter except for the fact that it shows that I have a strong upward trend. I retook a few classes, transferred after my freshmen year, took a lot of college classes in h.s. which came back to haunt me...
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    post-bach/second degree uncertainty

    Hello, I am a senior biology major with a 3.02 GPA and about to receive my bachelor's. My original plan was to go to pharmacy school. I applied and got accepted at a school in Texas, most likely due to my four year employment as a pharmacy technician along with several letters of recommendations...