second look

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    Second Looks and Financial Aid Timeline

    I have a few second look days on the same weekend. I was wondering when financial aid packets typically come out. I would like to know my financial aid so I can choose which to go to. Has anyone experienced this- what did you do? Did anyone contact the schools?
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    2018 Second-look Weekends

    Hello everyone! I thought it would be helpful to us all to have 2018 second-look dates in one place. Please post school names and verified dates. Then the SDN community can continually add to the list.
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    Georgetown vs. Einstein

    Hi everyone, I am currently accepted at both Georgetown and Einstein. Unfortunately I am unable to make either of my Second Looks, so I really missed out on the chance to get to see both schools in depth. Since I am currently on a military scholarship, financial aid is not a deciding factor...