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    Should I retake my MCAT? (3.85 GPA, 507 MCAT)

    Hey everyone, I just received my MCAT scores today: Chem/Phys: 128 CARS: 128 Bio/Biochem: 127 Psych/Soc.: 124 :( Total: 507 I'm trying to decide if I should retake? I planned on applying to both MD and DO schools. That 124 in Psych/Soc looks pretty bad i.m.o. but I wanted to get some input...
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    Finished PCAT. Giving/Receiving Advice Ask Away

    Just took my PCAT a couple days ago and was too surprised after I saw my scores. Below are the scores I ended up getting Bio - 94 Chem - 99 Reading - 46 Math - 99 Composite - 97 I honestly thought I bombed the test but walked away happy. For me Bio was the hardest section for me going and Math...