september mcat

  1. psyflgirl

    Should I withdraw my application?

    Hello, I submitted my application mid June so it should be about to get verified. I took the MCAT June 29 but I didn't feel like I did good so I voided the exam and I plan to take it again late August or early September. I wouldn't like to take another year but I am wondering if I should just...
  2. stgt9202

    **Official September 9 2016 MCAT Thread**

    Starting one for all my Sept 9 homies!!! I recently took the MCAT on July 22nd and got my score back and decided that I could do better so I'm here again. Best of luck and let's show some wonderful support!!
  3. W

    MCAT 2015: Kaplan, AAMC Official, EK, NS, + FL tests

    I am selling a few different things from multiple companies. I can bundle them or sell them individually: - Berkeley Review updated Organic Chemistry Part I and II (only first 10 pages of part I highlighted) ~$50 for both - NextStep MCAT Verbal Practice (10 of the 12 tests not taken) $15 -...
  4. JMed7

    Study Partner SF Bay area (East Bay) for September MCAT

    Hello, Im looking for a study partner or small group to study with for the summer.I'm located in San Leandro but can meet in the East Bay, I'm also open to Skype sessions.
  5. M

    Summer Classes and MCAT Prep?

    I plan on self-studying for the MCAT this summer for the September exam with a 4 month schedule using mostly TBR material. I'm also taking a summer biochem course that meets 4 times a week for 6 weeks (each class is 2 hours long) and for the second half of the summer, I'll be taking a lab class...