1. P

    Non-trad student looking towards Post-bac and beyond.

    Hi there! I'm new to SDN but was recommended to post on here by a friend. As the title states, I'm a Non-trad student looking to apply to post-bac programs with hopes of becoming an MD one day. To give some context on my situation, I started school in the Fall of 16' as an education major...
  2. smudge2014

    Dilemma: Pre-commissioned, pre-med

    Hello all! I've been stalking through SDN for a couple years now, but this is the first time I've posted. I'm currently a Cadet at a service academy (Kinesiology major), junior, currently in the final roster for the pre-medical program here. Basically the program is that you complete at...
  3. ebbo

    Leaving active-duty Army, advice on plans appreciated

    Hello, SDN! I come here humbly seeking the advice of those before me. I am due to leave active-duty Army by the end of the year, and I am going to get back on the med school track after. Ideally I wanted to apply for a post-bacc, pre-med program, but I have too many science credits from the...