1. C

    Program-Specific Info / Q's SJSU fall 2021 MSOT Applicants

    Hi guys! I haven't seen a thread for this years application cycle, does anyone know of one? if not we can use this for any questions/information anyone has!
  2. M

    Program-Specific Info / Q's SJSU 2019-2020 MSOT Applicants

    Hi all! I haven't seen a thread for this upcoming year's applicants to SJSU's MSOT program. Would love to connect with others who are in the process of applying as well. Good luck to everyone! Has anyone made it out to an information session at SJSU for the program yet?
  3. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's SJSU 2018-2019 Cycle Applicants

    Hi all! I'm applying to SJSU and would like to connect with others also in the process of doing so. Post questions and comments here. Here's my first question: When can we actually submit the OTCAS application? I know it takes some time to review. I know everyone talks about the October 1st...
  4. W

    Program-Specific Info / Q's SJSU Cal State Apply

    Has anyone started filling out the Cal State Apply application for SJSU's OT Program? Is it me, or is it essentially a second OTCAS application? Should I just copy and paste my extra curriculars and accomplishments so that they match my OTCAS application?
  5. cobihaha

    General Admissions & OTCAS Question on listing courses in progress

    Hi everybody! I'm currently in the final stages of finishing my OTCAS application but I have a question regarding listing courses in progress. I'm missing pre-reqs for three of the schools I'm applying to (SJSU, St. Augustine and Colorado State University) with the plan of taking them over the...
  6. H


    I got accepted to both CSUEB and SJSU ( one of these last minute from the waitlist!) and I am having a very difficult time deciding? Which is known to be a better program? I think SJSU is more competitive however, they also had some major budget cuts to their program and are no longer offering...
  7. W

    Program-Specific Info / Q's San Jose State MSOT Fall 2016 applicants

    Hi everyone! Thought I'd create a thread for people applying to SJSU, hoping to be admitted for Fall 2016. We can all wait in agony and share any updates we have here! @Prospective O T @otjwl92 @Sk8OT52 @aama0616a @TexasMOT @cramos4 @hhOT