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    Reporter seeking MD students to discuss pre-clinical education

    Hi! I'm a reporter (and MD student) and am looking to write a story about how medical students use extra-classroom resources (Sketchy, Pathoma, Boards&Beyond, etc.) during their preclinical years. If you're interested in sharing your experiences, please comment below. Happy to receive responses...
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    Would any other med students want to join our sketchy discount? We're setting it up for the beginning of the year and anyone can join if they'd like. The price would be $179.99/12 months for all three sketchy's if we get enough people (>50), it is normally $250/year. This includes sketchy micro...
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    ~~Looking for SKETCHY PHARM Transcripts! Will trade MICRO!~~

    Hello, Im looking for annotations/transcripts of sketchy pharm's videos to save me time so I don't have to continuously rewatch them. If you prefer not to include the pictures for copyright purposes, that is totally fine I just need the notes on what he says, since many things he says are not...
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    For Sale Unused SketchyMedical (Sketchymicro & Sketchypharm) Subscription

    If anyone is interested in a SketchyMedical (With sketchymicro AND sketchypharm) subscription let me know. I bought a 6 month subscription for $169 but I'm done with it and it expires 12/1/2016. With 4 months left of access, the remaining time would cost $113 total prorated. I will give you the...
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    Picmonics/SketchyMed for dental school?

    Hi everyone, I've heard of a few learning resources that med students found really helpful, like Sketchymicro/Sketchymed and Picmonic. I'm a very visual learner so those programs would likely be very helpful for me. Has anyone found these programs helpful for a dental school curriculum...