1. Stagg737

    Mania without sleep disturbance

    So this is one I've asked around about and have meant to post here for a while. The specific question is: "Can a person have a full-blown manic episode and not experience any sleep disturbance?" I realize that technically this is possible per DSM criteria, but I've only ever seen it in the...
  2. S

    Anyone with a SEEK qBank subscription?

    Has anyone bought this subscription? I can pay you for 2-3 weeks of access to only the sleep questions to prepare for my sleep boards. Please let me know here of through messaging. Thanks!
  3. The Cinnabon

    Behavioral Sleep Medicine (sleep psych) ???

    Hello SDN, the thread is exactly as it's stated. Where the hell can one learn more about Clinical Sleep psychology/ behavioral medicine and what's it actually like to be in this specialty (from my uneducated cursory view it seems to be a highly specialized health psychology specialty???). I'm a...
  4. T

    Sleeping issue during internal medicine rotation

    I am about to enter internal medicine rotation/ residency with 28 hours shift with no or minimal sleep. How can I maintain my concentration and performance in such sleep-deprived and heavy workload environment?
  5. T

    Sleep Research Study - NOT SURVEY - Compensation Provided - Silver Spring, MD

    Are you or someone you know a medical student, intern, resident, or board certified internist? We need your help to learn about how sleep deprivation affects physicians! Consider volunteering for this compensated sleep research study. For more information call 301-319-9287...
  6. L

    Back Pain and Sleep survey - Enter Drawing for one of four $25 Visa Gift Cards

    We are two medical students conducting a research study and invite you to participate in a study about sleep and lower back pain. We also invite you to enter a drawing for a chance of one of four $25 visa gift cards. This study will take less than 5 minutes and all responses are collected...
  7. A

    MD & DO Sleep timing vs sleep length or quality

    From the Discussion section.... “During the most intense learning period of their lives, medical students and residents are rarely able to maintain regular sleep schedules due to their high workload and are therefore often sleep-deprived and/or suffer from poor sleep quality (Curcio et al...
  8. ifitfitsyourmolars

    [URGENT] Need a place to crash tonight in For UMinnesota interview

    Hey guys, So i'm in a giant pickle. I'm 20 y/o and the hotel that i was supposed to stay at tonight won't allow me to check in because of their 21 & older policy. I was wondering if anybody had a place I could crash at with them? I am willing to pay half/(whatever percent you want me to pay)...
  9. surely

    App or website to optimize sleep schedule for shift work?

    Has anyone come across an app or a website that will schedule optimal sleeping periods for you after you enter in your work/lecture schedule? By "optimal," I mean sleeping periods that last the right number of hours while also providing the most gradual transitions when going from day shifts to...
  10. C

    Sleep disorders reading

    Hi all, I'm slowly building an arsenal for reading up on my patientseach night. That "100 papers to read in years 1-2" seems good. Does anyone have a good resource on sleep disorders? Journals, a chapter in textbooks, one page guidebook, etc. Google is failing me in this regard.
  11. Fahmi Bassem

    Adenosine buildup in brain, HOW?

    Hello :) (http://forums.studentdoctor.net/forums/step-i.27/create-thread) This article details a theory about adenosine role in regulating sleeping, it suggests that glycogen consuming causes the buildup of adenosine in brain, but isn't ADP reused to make ATP? Or does it undergo chemical...
  12. Fahmi Bassem

    Circadian rhythm effects on adenosine.

    Hello :) I'm gonna type my question first, then give a little details about it.... My question is: Is adenosine regulated by circadian rhythm? Here's why I asked this question: After long morning at college during summer semester, I feel really tired, and I really need to get some sleep!! I...
  13. D

    Sleep Medicine Fellowship 2016-2017

    Anyone applying for a sleep medicine position in this coming July cycle ? I am an IM resident, interested in sleep. Applying to about 20 programs across the eastcoast and midwest. Just sent out my applications today. Was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat ?
  14. Lexington2012

    Long hours are a danger to our patients

    I've seen a lot of comments here about how the max hours varies per state. OSHA is a national regulating body and the regulations say: "No one shall knowingly be permitted or required to work while the employee's ability or alertness is so impaired by fatigue, illness, or other causes that it...
  15. S

    PreMed Student--Ultimate Study Pillow

    Hey guys, I'm a premed student that wanted to take a nap on my books one day and came up with a cool solution to make my sleeping a little more comfortable, a study pillow that can easily fit into your backpack! The hope is that this might provide maybe a few extra bucks for med school. Check...