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Tracy Jill Doty

Probationary Status
Nov 5, 2019
Are you or someone you know a medical student, intern, resident, or board certified internist? We need your help to learn about how sleep deprivation affects physicians! Consider volunteering for this compensated sleep research study. For more information call 301-319-9287.

----------------------------------------------------------------- Study Information Script---------------------

The title of this study is: “Exploring the Impact of Sleep Deprivation and Caffeine on Operationally Relevant Complex Cognitive Processes in Medical Professionals”

The purpose of this study is to determine how caffeine and sleep loss affect operationally relevant cognitive processing. Here we will be using highly-validated clinical reasoning questions to investigate operationally relevant cognitive processing.

We are currently recruiting medical professionals from the National Capital Area in the following categories:
  • Medical Students in their 3rd or 4th year that also have English as a first language
  • Medical Interns
  • Post-graduate year 2 and 3 residents in internal medicine
  • Board certified internists

  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 50, a non-smoker, and able to complete two MRI scans.
  • You must have an average weekday wake up time earlier than 9AM.
  • You must have an average weeknight lights out time later than 9PM.

This study involves three parts.

The first part consists of a two-hour screening visit to the Sleep Research Center at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, located in Silver Spring, Maryland.
  • Here you will be asked to read and sign the informed consent form, complete questionnaires, and undergo a brief physical and medical history assessment.
  • You will also provide urine, saliva, and blood samples to test for general health, pregnancy, and prohibited substances. Female volunteers must not be pregnant or nursing to participate.
  • You are compensated $25.00 for this part whether or not you are selected to participate in this study.

The second part will be scheduled if you are qualified to participate based on the initial screening.
  • You will report to the Sleep Research Center for a one-hour visit where you will complete questionnaires and provide urine and saliva samples to test for prohibited substances and pregnancy.
  • You will receive a wrist-worn activity monitor to wear continuously for 13 days, during which you will be able to maintain your typical schedule.
  • On the 13th day you will return to the Sleep Research Center for the third part of the study.

For the third part, you will stay at the Sleep Research Center for four nights.
  • The first two nights you will sleep for 8 hours, followed by 37 hours of sleep deprivation.
  • On the fourth night you will sleep for 10 hours, then be released the following evening
  • Here you will provide urine and saliva samples upon arrival to test for prohibited substances, perform tasks and tests related to performance, undergo two MRI scans; and may be administered caffeine.
  • You must abstain from caffeine starting 48 hours prior to your stay.

If you are a federal employee (active duty or civilian) you will need to be on leave or off duty during the days you must stay in the Sleep Research Center all day. If you are in the military, you must have your Supervisory Chain-of-Command’s approval to participate in the study.

If you complete all parts of the study, you will be compensated up to $2,074.00 for successful completion of the study with a $300 bonus based on effort. The maximum total amount you will be paid is $2,374.00.

Even if you come in for the screening visit, you are not obligated to go through the entire screening visit or to participate in the study. You can change your mind about that at any time.