1. F

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Nova Southeastern OTD Tampa Summer 2019

    Hi Everyone, I just received an acceptance to Nova Southeastern's OTD Tampa program. I thought I would make a thread for other students who also got accepted. I am not 100% committed yet as I have a few other interviews, but would like to get some insight from others in the same position. We...
  2. P

    3rd/4th Year Clinical Rotation Help!

    Has anyone done 3rd/4th year clinical rotations at either Poplar Bluff, Mo or Searcy, Ar and what was your experience?
  3. J

    NovaSoutheastern DPT

    Hey would anyone be able to give me some insight on the Nova Southeastern program. I am interested in applying this upcoming cohort and I wanted some insight. I am interested in doing orthopedics, probably go into a sports residency after I finish DPT and get my SCS. Would Nova Southeastern...
  4. accepted109

    transfer from carribean to DO (Nova southeastern)

    Hi! I was just wondering if anyone had any insight. Is it possible to transfer from a Caribbean medical school to a DO medical school in the states? I currently attend a Caribbean school (not in the top 5). I won't lie its not the a great school. I've been emailing Nova Southeastern's school to...