speech pathology

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    ENT Nurse Practitioner Career

    Hello everyone! Im an undergraduate student who is currently attaining a bachelors in Communication Disorders. I enjoy this field alot, and initially hoped to become a certified Speech Language Pathologist. SLPs do so much good, but recently as Ive advanced in my studies, I found myself...
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    PhD vs. PsyD vs. LCSW vs. other?

    I am currently a junior in college majoring in Psychology and I've wanted to become a clinical psychologist since I was about 15. Before coming to college, however, I had no idea how competitive clinical psychology PhD programs are and the time commitment and amount of work they require...
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    Nontrad Speech Speech going into Medicine

    Hello fellow readers! I'm here to seek wise counsel about a possible change of career fields into medicine. I'm a 24 y/o Speech therapist assistant with approximately 1 year of experience. I've worked in outpatient and private practice settings with mostly the pediatric population. I hated my...