st. george's

  1. mochaluca

    Dorming in Grenada

    Hello! I was accepted into the St George's Veterinary Foundation Program for Fall 2018. I am super excited my vet dream is coming true, but I am also very concerned about living somewhere so far from home. I live in the hustle and bustle of NYC and am used to 24/7 delis and having cheap good...
  2. U

    SGU vs. Ross vs. AUC for hurricanes?

    Hi - anyone know if sgu is as likely to get hit by hurricanes as other caribbean schools? I'm trying to get in touch with someone who works there to ask this question, but I thought I'd see if anyone here knows. Having to move midway through school sounds like a nightmare.
  3. A

    Carribbean Medical Schools

    Hello. I am a current senior, anticipating graduation this December. My grades and GPA in University are not where I would like for them to be, because I simply goofed off in college, and I didnt really realize this until I entered my last semester. I have not yet took the MCAT, but plan on...
  4. D

    BIG 4 Decision SGU Ross AUC Saba My Opinion On Which To Go To Written 10/2016

    JUST WHAT I'VE GATHERED, THIS IS NOT FACTUAL I am accepted at all of the Big 4. I have done a lot of research, been to info sessions, the works and heres what I've come up with. They are all very similar, but its a big decision to make, so I want to put everything I can into it. I hope this can...
  5. M

    St. Georges large animal?

    Hey guys, I've got a big decision to make and 'm looking for some advice! I applied to vet school this cycle and have officially been rejected from everywhere except St. Georges. I'm most interested in large animal medicine and was wondering how much large animal experience you get. I'm not sure...
  6. Tiegerz

    St. George's University

    Hey everyone, I know St. George's is currently looking for more applicants for their January 2016 cycle, so if you are think about applying then do it! :) Also for those preparing to already come here in January of 2016 here is an awesome website that a classmate of mines wife has written...