1. CENSON Health

    Interested in pharmacy startup management? Join us as a partner.

    censonRX is a looking for someone who wants to make a career statement by driving the growth of this business. This is a partner level opportunity. You can be located anywhere in the US, and be of any age. It would be great if you are multi-state licensed, or at least able to take it on, and...
  2. pfletcherhill

    PatientBank (Y Combinator funded startup) seeks paid reps

    PatientBank helps patients gather medical records. To date, we've helped over 10,000 patients access medical records from 40% of the hospitals in the country. PatientBank first launched at the Yale-New Haven Health System in 2015 and has been funded by Y Combinator. To help us reach more...
  3. T

    Part-Time Scribe vs. Medical Startup Job

    Hey everyone, So I have the opportunity to do one of these two jobs this summer and forwards. Both require about 20 hours per week and I am currently still in college so it wouldn't be possible for me to do both while handling classes and other extracurriculars. I'm just wondering which you...