stem cell

  1. P

    Is it possible to design a clinical trial as a medical student?

    I'm starting my first year at an MD school this upcoming August. I'm already heavily involved in research and I've published a few papers on a very specific topic (meta-analyses, in vitro studies, animal studies, literature reviews, and an upcoming hypothesis paper/mini review). I was first...
  2. joe7456

    Please Help: mouse fibroblast differentiation to tissue!

    Hi, I am an undergraduate researcher at University of Georgia. I am currently assigned the task of taking mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) and coming up with a differentiation medium to culture the cells into various tissue. I would like to differentiate the MEF into cardiomyocytes or neuronal...
  3. Perryboys

    Anywhere researching about stem cell?

    Hello everyone ! I am a fifth year medical student from Thailand. I am interested in doing / joining / Observing about stem cell. Could anyone please be kind and tell me where are some famous lab/University about it. Anywhere in the world. Appreciate your help Perry