May 23, 2016
Hello everyone !
I am a fifth year medical student from Thailand. I am interested in doing / joining / Observing about stem cell. Could anyone please be kind and tell me where are some famous lab/University about it. Anywhere in the world.

Appreciate your help


The Oncoming Storm
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Oct 22, 2013
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if that if your actual photo as your avatar you should change it to protect anonymity

go read some literature from pubmed on stem cell research and see who the "top names" in the field are, they will have multiple publications in top journals like Science

google for stem cell research laboratories and do more research on each lab and university that comes up to get a sense of h0w they are

google to read up to find out how to tell "how good" research labs, some measure of how good a university or research lab is will come from NIH ranking or # of research dollars, there will be other things to look at like # of publications coming out each year

sorry, your question irritates me be because asking a random group of docs on this board does not supplant doing your own footwork
maybe if you had come in here with some specific labs picked out to ask about

looks like you need to google, "how to be a post-doc"
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