step 2 cs fail

  1. D

    Step 2cs fail, IMG - what can I do?

    Yesterday, I learned that I failed USMLE Step 2cs. I failed the Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS) part, but did well in the other two parts. I'm really shocked and depressed. I have no idea what I did wrong. I feel utterly powerless against the system. I couldn't sleep at all last...
  2. M

    Just passed Step 2 CS after failing the first time

    I am an AMG who hasn't done amazing in medical school but has been average/slightly above average. H's and HP's throughout M3 and M4 years, average on Step 1, above average on Step 2 CK, and never had any issues with any OSCE's. Took Step 2 CS in November 2018 and was shocked when I found out in...
  3. CrunchyTeddy

    Do you need to pass step 2 cs before starting intern year (AMG)?

    I recently found out that unfortunately, I failed my step 2 cs. This was a huge shock to me as I’m a 4th yr student at a well regarded US medical school and have done well with SPs throughout my clerkship and sub internships. I’m not terribly worried about the match because all the rank order...
  4. D

    USMLE Step 2 CS IMG Philly retake

    Hi! I'm an IMG applying to retake Step 2 CS in June 2017. My original plan was to take the exam in Chicago, since I failed CS in Philly last year (ICE part). But I realised that there's no available dates in Chicago, so the only options that are left are Philly, LA, Atlanta. Can anyone help...
  5. S

    USMLE Step 2 CS - auscultating heart

    Hi, everyone. I took CS a few days ago. I didn't auscultate heart sounds directly on skin. I made the error of listening over the gown on almost all encounters. Will they fail me for this? Thank you.
  6. Targetstep2cs

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