step 3 ccs

  1. Y

    Using the USMLE software

    HELP! I am trying to use the USMLE practice cases that are downloadable from the USMLE website (the tutorial and practice cases). I normally use a Mac - and the version of Windows on our computers at work is from like 2008. I am trying to use the tutorial on a borrowed PC (with Windows 10 Home)...
  2. M

    CCS 2 min Screen

    Hello, This question is with respect to cases ending early. Once the 2 min screen comes up, can we add meds for treatment of the patient's problems or even consults on that screen at that time. I am concerned what to do if the case ends prior to my pharmacotherapy and/or consults. Any insight...
  3. lockian

    Another step 3 experience

    . reposted in a thread
  4. C

    Step 3 Passed - Strategy and Resources

    Hey all, I just wanted to thank everyone here for all the advice and resources and shared experiences - they've helped me a ton, and I hope this post (although very long - sorry about that) can help someone else. I passed recently with a score in the 220s. Exam Structure: Based on what I...
  5. D

    USMLE Just had CCS yesterday

    Just finished up step 3 yesterday, MCQs on day 1 were certainly challenging and 5 times longer stem than uworld questions. MCQs on day 2 much more doable in terms of length with moderate difficulty. The most frustrating portion for me was the CCS. I did the uworld cases about 3 times each and...