1. J

    USMLE Step2ck Failed really need advise on 2019 match

    I am US IMG from Ross university No research publication Step1 230 first attempt Step2 cs pass first attempt Step2ck 204 failed, Preferred IM only I have excuses (in case someone might wonder, I only slept 2 hrs and was taking advil through exams for severe HA, didnt get to finish 5...
  2. toastytoes

    When to release USMLE scores to ERAS?

    Hello! I am still waiting for my Step2CK score which will come out Aug 29 due to the summer delay. Wondering if I should 'release' my usmle transcript now or should I wait until Aug 29? I know they're not going to go anywhere until Sept 15 anyway, just wondering if there would be a delay if I...
  3. B

    BOTH [FOR SALE!] 1) STEP 2 CK UW Subscription & 2) Kaplan STEP 2 CK Subscription

    TL;DR - Selling a UW STEP 2 CK question bank for $250, and a Kaplan STEP 2 CK qbank (includes included for free if you purchase the UWorld Qbank OR $25 if you only want the Kaplan qbank. Read below for more details! Both of these were purchased for me as unexpected gifts after I had already...
  4. E

    Step 2 CK test date and ERAS

    I know the USMLE scores get released on Wednesdays but I'm wondering how does it work if I take the CK on a Friday. Will the 3 weeks be the third Friday and the reporting on the next Wednesday or it counts as the third Wednesday? I'm asking this because all I'm missing for the September 15th...
  5. W

    OME 12-week schedule - Experiences

    Hello everyone, This has probably already been discussed somewhere but I couldn't really find anything about it. Did anyone who already took the exam try the 12 week schedule OME offers? I started preparing with OME and UWorld as my primary resources and wanted to ask if anyone tried to stick...
  6. E

    MTB Step 2 CK 3rd vs 4th Edition

    I been looking for a while in different places and I can’t find a clear thread on this. I just started studying for the Step 2 CK with OnlineMedEd and I’m pretty satisfied. I’ve heard from a couple of friends that MTB is great and I should use it alongside OME and I want to try it out. I’m...
  7. SukItPhaneuf

    2017 - Best book for Step 2 CK Prep

    So I don't see an up to date poll for this - and times change. So the best backbone of step 2 CK studying is: UWorld + Which book? (there may be other types of resources, but I'm interested in the best Text). Let's say for a 4 week study period (haven't started a prep book yet).