Step 2 CK test date and ERAS

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I know the USMLE scores get released on Wednesdays but I'm wondering how does it work if I take the CK on a Friday. Will the 3 weeks be the third Friday and the reporting on the next Wednesday or it counts as the third Wednesday?
I'm asking this because all I'm missing for the September 15th opening day for submittals is the Step 2 CK. I'm a US IMG with a 230 in Step 1, CS pass on first try and I want to have everything ready before I apply for Internal Med. Which do you guys think is the last day I can safely take my Step 2 CK and the score is reported on time? (Current date is August 14th, I'm currently prepping for that day, but I literally should finish prepping the 12th of August without being able to go over the wrong Qs on my 2nd pass of UWorld.)

Thank you

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