1. D

    How in-depth should the review be?

    Title says it all! Looking to get opinions on how in-depth the review should be. AAMC recommends around 300-350 hours of review. For example: The concept of Gluconeogenesis, to what it extent would it need to be reviewed? Does understanding what it is and what it does suffice or does every...
  2. 9

    PAT: Keyhole and Rock Keyhole Strategy

    Hello, all! I am taking my DAT in 9 days, and I have been practicing and really struggling with rock keyholes and keyholes in general. I’ve used Bootcamp and DAT Genius to study. I know about looking for details with normal keyholes, but rocks can be really difficult. Any advice is appreciated...
  3. I

    High MCAT - Unique Strategies?

    Hello there, There is obviously no one good way to make a high MCAT score, and I understand that there are basic principles you need to follow: do your practice exams, study consistently, etc... But I am looking for any specifics that may have helped you understand the "language" that the MCAT...
  4. Dr.Narcos

    My plan for application process and the MCAT

    Hey SDN, I just wanted to explain my plan of attack when it comes to my application process. Please let me know what you guys think. FYI I am a junior in my undergrad. Starting January I will be taking: Biochemistry as well as 3 online classes that should require little to no work. Basically I...
  5. Doctor or bust

    MCAT in one month, how should I best prepare

    Alright, so I finished content review which was through the Kaplan books mixed with some of the TPR books. I took an AAMC FL after content review and scored a 502 (124/127/125/126). It seems as though my science courses are my problem and I'm having a bit of trouble with them. Throughout content...
  6. PolypFiction

    Limited time to study?

    New here, sorry if I'm not doing this correctly. I took the MCAT last year and got a 499 (Phys/Chem 123, CARS 125, Bio 126, Psych 125). Finding time to study proved to be a challenge with a full time job, as I work M-F 8-5. On top of that I needed my daily gym time, time for dinner, time to...
  7. @Hazel-rah

    Note-taking DURING MCAT on Test Day? Is there time?

    I'd like to hear from anyone who has advice or thoughts on taking notes while reading P/S or B/B experiment passages. When I do the section bank, I am not doing timed conditions, so I make quick drawings of what is going on in the experiment and it greatly helps me get the answers right. I...
  8. Graffix

    DAT BREAKDOWN!! 24AA 25TS 27PAT 9/14/17

    DISCLAIMER: This is what worked for me! You might not agree with me, but this is my opinion. Take what works for you and disregard anything that doesn't. Throughout my studying I read like 100 breakdowns... to find something that worked for me. Now onto the breakdown: Done with the DAT for...