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    Online Undergrad, In Person Prereqs, Please Help

    Hi all, In May, I will graduate with a 4 year degree in psychology. After that, I plan on applying to med school. Here is my issue. I have done my entire degree online at a 4 year college. My prerequisite science courses will be taken in person at a community college along with the labs...
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    I really just need help.

    I apologize if this isn't in the right place. I am completely new to this website as far as posting goes. I am also sorry in advance for the extrondinarily long post. I am currently in the middle of a breakdown, so bare with me if you can. I truly feel lost. This past year has been insanely...
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    Do you think i will be too stressed (while doing residency) based on this criteria ?

    1. Forget about student loans. 2. Forget about my social situation (friends/family). 3. I am extremely hard working. 4. I dont get sad when others degrade/insult me since i am always confident of my skills. I know there will still be some stress but the 4 points above must be eliminating the...