strong research background

  1. K

    MD & DO Non-traditional 2.91 B.S. GPA, 3.9 M.S. GPA, 515 MCAT

    Short Story: Nontraditional applicant 2.91 B.S. Biomedical Engineering GPA 3.9 M.S Statistics GPA Significant shadowing/volunteer experience in undergrad but that was 5+ years ago. No recent volunteer or shadowing experience. Extensive Research Background - several conference abstracts, two...
  2. IsThisNameTaken?

    MD Canadian: cGPA 3.8/sGPA 3.78/MCAT 516, My List?

    Hey everyone As you probably figured out, I'm wondering what my chances are to get into an American medical school. Please let me know what your thoughts are! Academic Background: cGPA - 3.8 sGPA - 3.78 MCAT - 516 MCAT Breakdown: Psych - 127...