MD & DO Non-traditional 2.91 B.S. GPA, 3.9 M.S. GPA, 515 MCAT

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Jan 24, 2018
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Short Story:
Nontraditional applicant
2.91 B.S. Biomedical Engineering GPA
3.9 M.S Statistics GPA
Significant shadowing/volunteer experience in undergrad but that was 5+ years ago.
No recent volunteer or shadowing experience.
Extensive Research Background - several conference abstracts, two pending papers, one to be submitted to NEJM in a few months.
Strong LOR
515 (94 percentile) MCAT

Unsure if I should apply this cycle or do post-bacc work for the next year. Fine with DO route.

What are my chances/what should I do to strengthen my application?

Long story:
I graduated in 2013 with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering at a top 10 university. My GPA was 2.91 and my science GPA is 2.87. My first few semesters of undergrad were really strong, academically. I volunteered regularly, did volunteer research for 10 hours a week, and did an MD shadowing program. Then due to a combination of financial, family and maturity problems my grades tanked and at one point I withdrew from classes for a semester. When I went back my grades gradually increased to the 3.3 GPA level. I did research for several years and presented a few posters at conferences.

When I graduated I went to work for a medical device company as a clinical data analyst for 4 years. I worked on a major clinical trial and had some minor shadowing experiences with surgeons. I co-authored a few conference abstracts and podium presentations, including some that won awards. I also coauthored two papers that are under review right now at mid-tier journals and they will most likely be accepted and e-published by summer. The surgeons I worked with are very highly renown professors within their field and a couple of them would write me LORs.

While continuing to work full-time I was admitted and enrolled in a M.S. Statistics program at top 20 university. I took 6-8 hours of graduate classes each semester for 2 years and graduated with a 3.9. I did a research based thesis as well but nothing was published. My advisor told me he would write me a stunning LOR.

I've been working at non-profit research institute for the past year as a statistician. I'm a statistician for several clinical trials for HIV and TB vaccines. I'm working on a paper right now that should be submitted in a few months to New England Journal of Medicine with a high probability of acceptance (a companion study was published in NEJM last last year), though acceptance likely won't happen until the end of the year. One of the faculty I work with is professor and would most likely write me a LOR.

I scored a 515 (94 percentile) on my MCAT.

I initially wanted to apply this application cycle, but I'm hesitant due to my undergrad record. I am perfectly fine doing the DO route. I am considering taking upper division classes in the biological sciences at the local university to boost my GPA past the 3.0 mark, but I unsure as to how much this would benefit me. I would most likely have to drop to part-time work and cost of classes is nontrivial. Additionally, it means postponing my application for at least one more year.

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Jan 16, 2017
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You definitely want to raise GPA, cumulative and science, above 3.0 and pick up recent shadowing, clinical volunteering, and non-clinical volunteering hours.

Best of luck to you.

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