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    Cheap flights for students?

    Hello! I am going to be moving from California to Utah for dental school, which is only a 2 hour flight. I hope to visit my parents frequently. Is there any programs that you suggest that have cheap flights for students? Thank you
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    So why do many doctors lack sleep (read details) ?

    Say a doc works a 16-hours shift. Doesnt that mean that he will have a 16 hours break after he finishes his work ? That is enough to get some good sleep and do many other things so what am i missing ?
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    A question about the ACGME/AOA merge ?

    Will the requirements be the same for IMGs wishing to enroll in an Allopathic residency program in 2020 (after the merge) as they are now ?
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    Somebody please explain these steps for me ?

    http://www.kaptestglobal.com/sites/kaptest.co.uk/files/usmle-pathway_tcm55-32072.jpg This picture shows the steps that an international medical graduate must make to become a licensed physician in the US. What i dont understand is that after "USMLE step 3" there is "Year 1 residency". But the...
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    What non surgical specialties requires you to work 12 hrs or less (in public sector)?

    As the title says,,,
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    Do you think i will be too stressed (while doing residency) based on this criteria ?

    1. Forget about student loans. 2. Forget about my social situation (friends/family). 3. I am extremely hard working. 4. I dont get sad when others degrade/insult me since i am always confident of my skills. I know there will still be some stress but the 4 points above must be eliminating the...
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    Bad HS student, Currently in the Coast Guard, Dying to be a doctor....

    Here's my story. Hopefully anyone can give me any advice? I did poorly my last two years of high school, mostly because of emotional trauma, lack of parents, typical daughter of teenage parents story situation. I didn't think I could get into a University, and had nobody to stay with to take...