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  1. P

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Concordia University Ann Arbor OTD Program Housing

    Hello, this may be a shot in the dark but I was recently just accepted to Concordia University Ann Arbor OTD program! It is a fairly new program but I was wondering if anybody on here knows where to find apartments, needs a roommate, or simply connect before classes start!
  2. Auntymarkovnikov

    UOP and UCSF Student housing.. where do/did you live??

    If you went to UCSF or UOP or had friends who went to either of those dental schools, where did you/they live??
  3. Alicia Allmand

    Renting 1 Bedroom Apartment for rent in Ann Arbor, Michigan (600 Sq.Ft.)

    1 Bedroom Off-Campus Arbor Apartment Michigan 600 Sq. ft. One bedroom apartments in great location. Arbor apartments are a small 40 unit, one bedroom complex that is located in a great & convenient location of Ann Arbor. Equal distant from University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University and...
  4. M

    st john episcopal hospital dermatology rotation

    4th year student here. was wondering if anyone did a 4-week derm rotation for st john episcopal hospital. if so, did anyone stay at the student housing? How was the student housing? I was told it would be $60 cash fee plus $300 deposit for 4 weeks. that sounds too good to be true. If anyone...
  5. H

    Renting 4bd 2ba Condo W. Town Chicago IL

    My 4 BR 2 BA apartment (Duplex from first floor with full finished basement 1/2 above ground) will be available 8/01/2016 FULL YEAR LEASE. The place is totally renovated, very nice. You will have the whole place to yourself, it's $2550/mo. Location: 1403 N Rockwell 3 blocks west of Western...
  6. cvtliving

    Roommate Affordable housing - Walk to LAC+USC Medical Center, Los Angeles

    Affordable housing near USC Health Science Campus http://cvtliving.com/available-4-bdrm/ Home Community of LAC + USC People City View Terrace is a gated condo community located in the Lincoln Park area in East Los Angeles, it is about 1 mile from the LAC + USC Medical center.The contemporized...